Sunday Poetry

This poem that I scribbled down,

if only you could have seen those gallivanting synapses

firing in brilliantly executed new directions –

we’ll be right back in a moment –


“Tired of lugging around loose leafs and heavy bindings?

Share all of your favorite books, news, and even your own

creative projects” – young smooth smiling stylish romance pair –

“with the Yangtze Schindle” quaint acoustic strumming –

“now even more affordable than ever. The Yangtze Schindle:

lightening your load, changing your life.” Quick disclaimer

“Losing memory is never easy” – maudlin piano piece –

“but backing away from a full life” – wrinkly whites on porch swing –

“is nothing to get hard-headed about.” – at family feast –

“That’s why you should ask your doctor” – dandling delighted grandson –

“about Regeneron today. Regeneron is” – next to goateed student –

“clinically proven to regrow & rebuild” – before laptop, nodding –

“fragile and decaying networks” – big brain graphic animation –

“before it’s too late to” – connections poofing to nil –

“stop the past from slipping away.” gladtableaux iris in –

“You can fight back and take charge.” iris out(!) & music swell(!) –

“You can save your future.” – running all gleeful through forest –

“You can live up to the power of your mind.” – holding hands in flightsuits –

“Regeneron. Make the leap today.” – frozen jumping out of plane.

Franck logo small & quicker but longer disclaimer.


Back to the Palsmaurter Poem Recitation.

Palsmaurter: The choicest hops and the smoothest finish

at the best price. Drink Responsibly.

– as the work was quietly contemplated

pump-shotgun blasts sprayed ideashot toward

flock-straggling words as they took flight

from a foggy craggy moor-terrain of brain

as jackhammers jottled cracked uneven sidewalks

to pierce the concrete standing places in search of

freshness in the out-of-sight earth or plumbing –

But the head coach is calling for a timeout –


“Hey John, check it out,” – thirtysomethings slovenly –

Palsmaurter bottles in hand of each – on couch –

in beatnik outfits – speaker jiggles pectorals –

“I just learned how.” – John, wide eyes agape,

“Wow, let’s get a closer look.” – first man lifts shirts,

John moves closer – “Think I can feel it?”

First man nods, John close with hands on breasts –

“Hey guy–” heard before/as enter two slim stylish wives,

(Palsmaurters in hand) stopping stupid as is seen

John caressing breasts leaning into manfriend flesh.

“Palsmaurter,” flat but macho man’s voice bursts,

disembodied hairy arm holding bottle toward screen close-up,

“It’ll make you feel better. About” – pause – “things.”

Diamonds glinting gleaming beaming in darkness

“She knows you love her…” young romantic male voice,

lush string orchestration, panning past necklaces,

“but do you?” – descending scale – bracelets sparkle by –

“Prove it to yourself, during our Valentine’s Day Sale,

with 20 to 30% off of select pieces of diamonds, gold & pearls.”

Chokers, large/small/ornate earrings, more necklaces.

“Love – it’s not something you can question. Encrusted

watches, anklets, charms, amulets. “The Valentine’s Day Sale,

only at Gayle’s.” Strings scale up for climactic

“Gayle’s. Where for love, nothing is left to chance.”


Back to the Palsmaurter Poem Rectiation.

Palsmaurter: It’ll make you feel better. About… things.

– The crowd of peripheral neurons gaped stunned amazed

at a spectacular catch of a perfectly placed metaphor

and the coach was doused with a surprise acetylcholine

jugbath dumped upon his head by his team.

And those rushes darting between beta blockers and

surging out of offensive guards for openfields of

sprinting mellifluity of concept and sensate

and untouchable Wortschatz, setting records for

breaking restraint and wreaking Pollock-paint.

But after that last play the other coach

has thrown the challenge flag onto the turf.

It looks like he’s contesting the officials’ ruling

that the feat remained inbounds at all times.

There does appear to be a question as to

whether the footwork along the sideline is

within the legal markings lain down.

We’ll be right back after the laureates’ review.


Deserted two-lane road in red open canyonscape,

extreme long aerial shot of carspeck kicking dust,

1970s Krypton Dirigible classic-rock guitar single,

“When you want to get away – ” young hot rod voice –

“you want to get away,” closeup and loud engineroar,

red Ward Stallion insignia on rear, inside to the

cool sunglassed silent type gripping the column –

hairpin turn outside and gearbox and RPM-needle inside

and tearing down new straightaway in new mesa maze.

“Let us help you get there… fast.” Dust billowing,

hair waving, more gearboxing, guitar solo ripping,

lots of “Oh, oh” vocals bellowing, “The new Ward

Stallion. 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. 3 hundred 50 horsepower.

That should be all the help you need. Ward.

Own the car, own the road. Own your life.”

“Want to save thousands on your car insurance?”

Goofy playful male voice coming out of animated snake.

“Then why are you always running from lower rates?”

Snake terrorizing ideal whitebread families at hotel pool,

public park, restaurant, couples in the mall,

puzzled dumbfounded stare on snake’s face.

“Surpintine has lower premiums and co-pays than

all of our major competitors on autos & motorcycles.

I can’t figure out why the hesitation – ”

snake in the office, snake in the bathroom –

“but maybe it’s the intimidation. I get that.”

“Surpintine,” playful woman’s voice takes over,

“The lowest rates, the best service. Try our low introductory

rates today. Surpintine. Don’t let our opportunities slither away.”


Here we are back on the field as the laureates

are ready with the results of their review.

I don’t know, Joe, it looks like this could go either

way – Yes, I agree, Patrick, you can see how they

might say the advertising steps outside the boundaries

of the poem, but on the other hand you can also

understand them calling that as normal part of the craft –

Maybe it wasn’t always like that, but we do have to heed

the rules as they stand now. – Well, I guess we’ll just

have to see how they make the decision then. Here we go –

“After reviewing the play” mic’ed laureate in beret

and chic mussed slacks, ill-fitting coat & buttonshirt –

“the ruling on the field stands. The thoughtcarrier kept

both feats within bounds and did not cross the line.

It is still – first stanza.” Crowdroar, though

some silently slink in terror at the ruling, though

you don’t hear them. Back to the field for

more acrobatic linguistics and breathtaking gameplay –

right after these words from our sponsors –

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