Fad Deputation

1 Aug 2013: The Runaways (DVD, 2010, Floria Sigismondi)

Girls rocking, going through typical rock-tragedy motions (drugs, domineering producer, various sellings-out, tensions and breakup). Doesn’t overglamourize the business, makes it look more ramshackle and clearly opportunistic at the outset than most such films, though only the one lead singer (Cherie) is allowed to express doubts or have the depth of confused character in her role: Joan Jett’s too incontrovertibly badass and the producer Kim Fowley’s too zanily exotic and the other girls too peripheral to impress as round figures. The music’s cool and is apparently performed well by the actresses. We all know (those of us who came) where Joan went, but more would be nice for Cherie post-breakup – as it stands the final image burnt into memory is her hopelessly degraded to a reeling stupor in a supermarket rather than anything else in her life that might exalt her as someone who simply went a different route into the mystery of life.


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