You Are Here, You Are Icky, You Are Ici

3 Aug 2013: Ici et Ailleurs (DVD, 1976, Jean-Luc Godard/Jean-Pierre Gorin/Anne-Marie Mieville)

Originally shot in 1970 as Victory, retitled as Here and There 5 years later, because what was originally meant to be a rousing pro-Palestinian agitprop piece struck the creator(s) as similar to the very problems which created and perpetuate the conflict depicted (e.g. the director out of sight calling the shots, delimiting inputs, manipulating raw materials for ulterior ends, fostering the duality between the self and the Other even as that self is increasingly replaced or annihilated by constant “flow[s] of images and sounds”). Eerie – Godard’s narration, sounding a touch like the omniscient computer in Alphaville, plus an effective score – and intelligent, or more properly, enabling of interpretive intelligence: questions raised, efforts made to reveal conceits of production and aesthetics, exploitations always undercut.


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