Sex Expositive

11 Sep 2013: Sweet Movie (DVD, 1974, Dušan Makavejev)

Like The Model Couple (above) and other similarly spirited films from the 70s this film has a good-humored lightness and a liberation from the smooth forms and stylistics of typical dramas that enhance its unleashing of sex and behavior from social norms. Sex is not employed as some enviably impassioned romantic device for massaging out the lust of the viewer, but rather freed from such straight-faced eroticism for awkward moments between strangers (sometimes with disturbing age differences), vulgar physical comedy and inhibitional release as used by a commune not far from the imagination and vision of Pasolini, and more mundanely shown as the future of advertising and television (as in a program where an industrial magnate selects the candidate from a pageant of potentials whose vagina most impresses the inspecting gynecologist – one seated contestant turning to stare at the camera as though performing in a porn video). This movie seems to aim less for metaphoric message – though these abound in short form all throughout – than ecstatic barrier breakdown with its hypnotic, mystical extended sequences that though unsettling and shocking are not played so much for horror or disgust as for fascination unto release, which is probably not all that different in content and result from the infamous “2 Girls 1 Cup” video and others like it.

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