Stooges’ Lewd Prenuptial Nubile TV Jubilee

1 Oct 2013: A Brideless Groom (DVD, 1947, Edward Bernds)

Of the three films on the Seven Chances DVD that use the chaos of the myriad eager brides, this is the one that goes furthest not just in obviously racy humor (a fawningly infatuated voice student sing-songs to her teacher, “I know you wouldn’t want anything to happen to my throat,” for the most surprising example) but also in its female ferocity. Women are much more violent and threatening, either overpowering men with unrequited lust or felling them en masse with sucker-punches and backhands, while men insult them behind their backs and bumble through their own impotent ineptitudes and stupidities (standing up through an opened dresser drawer, applying shaving cream and razor to a hand mirror while taking a cohort’s sewing needle in the ass). Voices are used here as comical caricatures (pompous priest, Jewish/Italian wiseguy, syrupy lolita) to accompany the overblown action to humorous effect that yet feels more sketch-like in its incohesiveness and less engaging than the well-photographed and deftly performed work of Keaton.

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