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Kerouac and Wacky Cares

So soon after plumbing through the first volume of Marx’s Capital it’s hard not to take a sort of economic-historical analysis to everything else I think about, even the joyfully sensuous meanderings of young men who (like Kerouac) have no … Continue reading

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The Looniest Humanist Cartoonist

5 Aug 2013: American Splendor (DVD, 2003, Robert Pulcini/Shari Springer Berman) A film about someone who works near the bottom of the employment class(te) system without serious aspirations to leave who yet is an artist with a rich life of … Continue reading

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Naked Lunch

Call something “brilliant” and, if you visualize the word at all when you read or hear it anymore, the image is of skin-caressing sunlight baths – that’s the etymology – or more likely by this point you connote and call … Continue reading

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