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Kerouac and Wacky Cares

So soon after plumbing through the first volume of Marx’s Capital it’s hard not to take a sort of economic-historical analysis to everything else I think about, even the joyfully sensuous meanderings of young men who (like Kerouac) have no … Continue reading

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Twistin’ the Plot Away

10 Aug 2013: Heist (DVD, 2001, David Mamet) The effectiveness of a twist ending is obviously in inverse proportionality to its foreseeability. Mamet does pretty well with these in House of Games and even Homicide, but here he gives everything … Continue reading

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Whirlwind in the Dust Jacket

One of my most memorable experiences as the nonremunerated, lazy, undisciplined and unpublished writer that I still am was typing an email reply to a friend 1.7 thousand miles to my west while also facing in that direction one frigid … Continue reading

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Tenancy to Forget

Done for a short story class in spring 2009. Flawed, but potentially something someone could publish, or at least enjoy, maybe. I met him on the stairs. I didn’t see him at first over the mound of fetid socks and … Continue reading

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