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Kerouac and Wacky Cares

So soon after plumbing through the first volume of Marx’s Capital it’s hard not to take a sort of economic-historical analysis to everything else I think about, even the joyfully sensuous meanderings of young men who (like Kerouac) have no … Continue reading

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The Lady Doth Run Through the Protest

23 Oct 2013: Medium Cool (DVD, 1969, Haskell Wexler) I don’t think there’s too much documentary 35mm protest footage (or historical footage of any kind whatsoever) in existence anywhere, and especially not in this time period. This film stands out … Continue reading

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Danish Idiot

6 Oct 2013: Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands (DVD, 2004, Nicolas Winding Refn) More technically proficient than the first in the series (or at least more technologically advanced – crisper image quality, etc.), this sequel follows most of … Continue reading

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Manhattan Chase to the River Bank

1 Oct 2013: How a French Nobleman Got a Wife Through the New York Herald Personal Columns (DVD, 1904, Edwin S. Porter) One of the earliest films I’ve seen, and probably the earliest complete one. Essentially all of it is … Continue reading

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5,000 Brides for a Single Brother

30 Sep 2013: Seven Chances (DVD, 1925, Buster Keaton) The most rawly invigorating movie I’ve seen in a while, at least as far as constant breathless energy is concerned. I both guffawed and melted into tears while seeing Chaplin’s The … Continue reading

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Whirlwind in the Dust Jacket

One of my most memorable experiences as the nonremunerated, lazy, undisciplined and unpublished writer that I still am was typing an email reply to a friend 1.7 thousand miles to my west while also facing in that direction one frigid … Continue reading

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Self-Helpless Guide to Social Life

Originally posted to The Pink Wreck in May 2012. Perhaps like the non-practicing pansexual engendering agent of these familiar shapes you have at times been cast as the lead role for a script in which the main character approaches a … Continue reading

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