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Zero Interest in Dirty Malarkey

Plenty of solid criticism has circulated regarding Zero Dark Thirty since before it was even released specifically bemoaning its (gritty, of course) celebration of torture despite both the illegality of the practice and the fact that the particular torture depicted … Continue reading

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Sunday Poetry

This poem that I scribbled down, if only you could have seen those gallivanting synapses firing in brilliantly executed new directions – we’ll be right back in a moment –   “Tired of lugging around loose leafs and heavy bindings? … Continue reading

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CĂ©line and Julie Go Boating

That hazy, moderately depressed and trapped feeling, slowly growing over the course of a few hours as any pretense initially had of willfully directing oneself through a purposeful perusal of the web (worldwide or personal-habitual) and its contents slips away … Continue reading

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